The gable is made up of two pieces —
the coloured roof section, and the
white bargeboards.
Place the blue roof piece on the same three
tiles that the bay window is sitting upon.
The white bargeboards go there too.

The same goes for an upper storey.
First put down Caro's transparent floor tiles
then add the roof piece and bargeboards.
The Pieces
You may not be aware but any Maxis-generated roof uses different light/dark tones depending on which direction it is facing. Not only that, they are different if they are a first storey roof or a ground floor roof.

The building on the left is facing in the correct direction for its gable, the one on the right is not!
The two NZ villa gables (NE and SE) have been made for houses (gables) facing in the directions as above, but you might still see some slight tonal differences.
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