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Having re-coloured your object, you will want to change its name and description. Click on the CTSS tab, and then on the Edit button.

This time I'm using the System OSX version of IFFSnooper to show that it works exactly the same way as the OS9 version.

Changing the Description

You can change the object's name and description for just one language version of the Sims, or for all of them by ticking the 'Replace' box.

Even if your re-colour is only for your own use, it's a good idea to include where the original object came from — you'll be surprised at how quickly you forget and you might want to find it again.

An added feature is the Hidden Comments field. Any text entered here will not show up in the game, but it's where you could put extra copyright information for example. Even if a PC user clones the object in Transmogrifier, these hidden comments do not get overwritten.

By the way, you cannot claim copyright for the actual object — ALL user-made objects legally belong to Maxis/EA. However, you do hold copyright over the sprite files which you've created. No-one else should claim authorship or use your sprite (held in the object's code) without your permission. Apart from any legal aspects, it is entirely against the whole spirit of the Sims' community of players to appropriate someone else's work.
As always, you must remember to save the object after any changes — IFFSnooper will not remind you.
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