Now drag the newly created SPR2 and PALT files to the resources folder.
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So far, you have exported your sprite frames and resources, re-coloured the p-sprites and saved them in 24-bit colour.

Now go back to IFFSnooper and Import the sprite frames.

Click Save Resource, and wait a few seconds as the re-coloured sprites are being encoded in your Mac's memory. Two new files are created — one beginning with 'SPR2 resource' and the other with 'PALT resource". Save each one.

(Using the Export All button will create a folder containing the two new resources — you can do it either way. Note that not all the buttons are enabled yet.)

Close the second window and go back to IFFSnooper's main window.

Click Resources to import from the resources folder which now contains the new SPR2 and PALT files.

Open the folder of resources — the one with the •bullet in its name.

Find the two files that also start with SPR2 and PALT and delete them.
Before you go much further ...

... there is a small matter of ID numbers, and Magic Cookies and things.

Open your new object in IFFSnooper ...

... and admire it!

You will be asked to save your new
re-coloured object.
Go immediately to the Yahoo! SimLouvre eGroup and leave a happy message for Peter, the man who has made all this possible.
A second window will appear behind IFFSnooper's main window. Bring it to the front.
For those who, like me, prefer printed manuals, I have prepared a printable version of these instructions — set out as a Quick Reference sheet. You can find it here.

(The page will open
in a new window.)
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