No expansion packs are required for these items.

So that the shutters sit closely enough to each side of the window, there are two objects in the set — left and right.

The rear views of both the shutters and the jasmine are semi-transparent. They are also 'droppable' so you need to have the walls up in your game when you place them.

The maize plant is decorative only, ie. it is not a vegetable.

The walls set contains four wallpapers to create a crumbling look.
The inspiration for these items was photographs of an abandoned building in a remote area of South America, where maize crops had been grown in years past. Also ... my thanks to Francien who encouraged me to keep going.
Weathered Wooden Door (536k)
Window with Iron Railings (40k)
Wooden Shutters Set (132k)
Weathered Walls Set (232k)
Jasmine Climber (220k)
Maize Plant (180k)
Rainforest Fern (68k)
Ferns Groundcover (48k)
No expansion packs are required for these items.

The traditional maize grinder is 2-tile and decorative only.

The mossy wall edging set has two pieces — a corner and a straight section.

The plain wall edging set has a matching floor tile and two objects (a circular corner and a straight piece). They are not terribly good next to a wall because they are slightly bigger than a tile to stop stray bits of grass poking through. You will also need to experiment to see what other objects can or cannot be placed on them.
Plain Wall Edging Set (80k)
Mossy Wall Edging Set (44k)
Maize Grinder (68k)
Maize Bowl (32k)
Morning Glory Climber (220k)
Balsam Poplar (200k)
Scotch Pine (248k)
Passionfruit Climber (208k)
Mossy Wall Internal Corner (40k)
Upstairs Weathered Walls Set (156k)
Forest Boulders Set (148k)
Weeping Fig (156k)
Dracaena (76k)
Miniature Chusan Palm (76k)
No expansion packs are required for these items.

The mossy internal corner piece allows you to build more complex edging shapes.

The upstairs weathered wall set contains three wallpapers.

There are two forest boulders in the set whose colouring matches the above maize grinder.

The three plants are off-centred — good for filling odd little gaps in any greenery, but not for putting next to a wall.

A landscaped lot with this ruin at the bottom of the garden can be found here.