These items do not require any expansion packs. They are all categorised for the original game.

The reeds can be placed on water and will appear in your plants in Build Mode.

The transparent walls are made from a window and matching wallpaper which can be found at
Keep It Simple.

Construction notes will be found at the sécateurs.

The original conservatory door at Keep It Simple could only be used in conjunction with the transparent floor. This door has been modified so that it doesn't bleed through a solid floor above.

There is a choice of two wallpapers to match the door and also a 'normal' Maxis roof.

The low glass wall and corner consists of two pieces, and will be found in the Miscellaneous category. They are recommended only for a balcony or upstairs patio — if used on the ground, your Sims will walk straight through them.

If you use Sim Categoriser to rearrange your objects, the roof pieces can only be re-categorised as columns.

With thanks to Caro's Sim Kagen for keeping the transparent floor tile available.
For an extraordinary re-colour of the curved roof pieces, visit Architectural Supplies for Sims and study the cultural heritage of the British Isles.

The matching walls are to camouflage the space above the door — one to match grass, the other to match the wood colour.

For Hot Date and Vacation users, here is a door that will drop with the walls.

Wood & Glass Door for HD (352k)

These items do not require any expansion packs.

The home bar matches the wooden planked counter on the Indoors/Kitchen page. It is for adults only.

For those unfamiliar with bay windows, anything that can be placed on a table can be put in the bay window by you or your Sims.

The bay window matches the conservatory windows available at Keep It Simple.

Non-Persimmon Grove pot plants (and other wonderful wood-themed objects) can be found at Wood for Sims.
Glass Bay Window (368k)
Glass Topped Table (40k)
Wooden Home Bar (64k)
Potted Canna (24k)
Terracotta Floor (4k)