None of the items on this page require any expansion packs.

The pair of amphorae should not be used in a corner. Turn the object to find the one view that is suitable against a straight wall.

The groundcover is Maxi's wild flowers but without the flowers.

Apart from the trees, most items will be found in Miscellaneous.

Tree Fern (76k)
Small Persimmon Tree (76k)
Cabbage Tree (72k)
Banana Palm (40k)
Trithrinax Palm (84k)
Johannes Palm (48k)
Wild Plants Ground Cover (292k)
Tall Terracotta Pot (64k)
Low Terracotta Pot (48k)
Two Terracotta Amphorae (60k)

Leaning Ladder (64k)
Upright Ladder (96k)
Box of Ornamental Gourds (32k)
Box of Avocadoes (32K)
Box of Lettuces (32k)
Garden Cabbages (160k)
Standing Scarecrow (64k)
Seated Scarecrow (64k)

The boxes, ladders and scarecrows are purely decorative.

The box of persimmons can be found on the backyard page.

If watering your market garden is taking far too long, I recommend using the automatic watering device from CandleLight Sims.

These items do not require
any expansion packs.

The hedge and its corner piece will be found under Miscellaneous in your game.

It is not terribly obvious which way the hedge corner piece should be placed. Just flip it until it the colour tones seem to match the adjoining hedges.

To place the vegetables inside the greenhouse, you will need to totally remove one wall section. When everything is in position, rebuild the wall.

The vegetables do require watering. The bare earth tile will be found in Miscellaneous.

The greenhouse end roof piece (along with all the other Conservatory items) and the group of four pots are available from Keep It Simple.

The pot plants will either sit on a table or on the ground.

Update 31 Jan 03:
The groundcover can be placed on water and will appear in Build Mode/Plants.

The bamboo waterfall, the koi and other Conservatory objects are available from Keep It Simple.

Scarlet Runner Beans (444k)
Silverbeet (280k)
Privet Hedge and Corner (212k)
Marmand Tomatoes (320k)
Ornamental Gourds (160k)
Lettuces (96k)
Bare Earth (32k)

Potted Heuchera (68k)
Potted Cordyline (40k)
Potted Juniper (88k)
Potted Nertera (28k)
Potted Arum (36k)
Potted Shrub (80k)
Potted Palm (32k)
Green (Nertera) Groundcover (36k)

October 03
There is a much better NZ Cabbage Tree plant (and potted version) on The Antipodes page.
This item does not require
any expansion packs.

The tea bush may be placed on water, a hill or on a floor tile.
Tea Bush (88k)