Corrugated Iron Door (469k)
Grubby Window (38k)
Algae Flasks (48k)
Algae Tank (88k)
Fluorescent Lights (28k)
Keep clicking in the centre of the picture to see what's beneath ... and double-click to restore.
Corrugated Iron Roof (115k)
Two Walls and Grating (47k)
Fish Tank (89k)
Water Pump (86k)
Pipework and Valves (58k)
Header Tank (1.3 mb)
Two Sets of Buckets (46k)
Fish Net & Notice Board (48k)
Set of Three Charts (134k)
Microscope (33k)
Click on the roof pieces
... and double-click to
restore them.

This fish farm would be functionless if it were not for FingerMouse. I am not only in awe of her skills, but also relish the quirky humour she brings to her objects at CheapFrills.

For the curious, there are some photos of real fish farms here.
In a fish hatchery large volumes of algae are grown. If freshwater fish are being produced, the algae is fed directly to the larvae. In a marine hatchery the algae is fed to microscopic organisms which are then fed to the fish larvae. Lighting is provided 24 hours a day so that the algae grows quickly.

Even algae needs to be fed nutrients and kept clean of contamintation.

The door and window should drop with the walls in the later expansions packs.

The lights and the flasks will be found in your Decorative category.

None of these fish farm items require any expansion packs.

Your Sims can sell the fish from the fish tanks, thus earning simoleans to help pay the bills.

The corrugated roof piece is deliberately offset to overhang the edges of the building. (For tips on placing the roof, have a look at the Conservatory construction notes.) You will also need the transparent roof tile from Caro's Sim Kagen.

In my game, I have to put the fish tank in the Downloads folder. If it is put in any of the other possible folders, the graphics do not display correctly.

The grating is a floor, which goes well with Maxis' Poured Concrete floor.

The wall charts are 'backless' so they will not obstruct your view from the rear.

Most objects are decorative only and will be found in either the Miscellaneous or Decorative categories in your game.

Another Note:
If your game really hates the fish tank and keeps popping you back to the desktop, please click here.
Propellor Generator (452k)
DIY Wind Generator (1 mb)
Solar Water Heater (720k)

These items do not require
any expansion packs.

If, for some extraordinary reason, you need to place the Do-it-Yourself wind generator in a corner, flip it until it stops bleeding through the walls.

The solar water heater has been designed (with difficulty) to sit on the corrugated iron roof, but it is a bit fiddly. You will need to flip both the heater and the roof pieces to find the ONE view where the heater's legs are properly visible.

The solar heater can also be put outside on the ground, providing there are some empty tiles around it.

All three items will be found in the Decorative category in your game.

None of these items require any expansion packs.

All items are purely decorative.

The pipework set contains a straight pipe, a corner and a discreetly animated outflow which can be turned on or off.
Corrugated Tank Blue (256k)
Pipework Set (60k)
Pond Aerator (188k)
Water Tank Silver (256k)
Water Tank Red (256k)