These items do not require
any expansion packs.

The potted plants are from Wood for Sims.

The stained glass windows match the conservatory window found at Keep It Simple.

Other stained glass windows can be found on the Living Room page.
Victorian Wash Basin (64k)
Wooden Shower (68k)
Bath Tub (272k)

An alternative for Living Large only
Bath Tub LL (280k)

Except for the LL version of the bath tub, all other items do not require any expansion packs.

It is best to place another object on the other side of the wall from the Victorian Wash Basin. There is the occasional flash of a Sim's hands through the rear view while the basin is being used.

Click to drop the wall, double-click to restore it.
Linden Hall Window 3-Tile (476k)
Magnolias & Irises Window 1-Tile (64k)
Lake Superior Window1-Tile (64k)
Toilet (52k)
Art Nouveau Rug (128k)
Plain Olive Green Floor Tile (3k)

This version of the wood toilet does not require a wall behind it — added 23 Aug 04
Wall-Less Toilet (52k)