Wood Planked Counter (152k)
Counter with Cooktop (65k)
Wooden Dishwasher (236k)
Wooden Trash Compactor (140k)
Wooden Fridge (452k)
Food Processor (24k)
Microwave (132k)
Stone Sink (62k)

An alternative for Living Large only
Cooktop LL (48k)
Except for the LL version of the cooktop, no other items require any expansion packs.

The food processor bowl is static — it just looks different from Maxis' originall.
Kitchen Dresser (85k)
A Cup of Tea (101k)
Cool Cabinet (119k)
Rubbish Bin (28k)
The food cabinet and the counter upon which it sits are all one piece.

Instead of having coffee, why not try a cup of tea!