No expansion packs are
required for any of these items.

The stream water and mist will be found in Miscellaneous in your game. The bracken groundcover and trees will be found in your Build Mode/Plants.

The kauri and sequoia trees have been deliberately off-centred so that they don't stand in tidy rows.

The wood-batten roof piece is offset to overhang the edges of the building. (For tips on placing the roof, have a look at the Conservatory construction notes.) You will also need the transparent roof from Caro's Sim Kagen.

Make a break in a stream so your Sims can walk 'over' it. Use the stream water tile to cover up the evidence.
Click on the roof to see what's underneath.
Double-click to restore it.
Inside ...
green camp bed can be found in Keep It Simple's Rustic Comfort set.
sofa is from Simorphor.
food mixer was from Jenny's Sims Stuff.
Outside ...
toilet is from SimsPlus.
'washing well' was from Mom and Pop's Sim Shop.
park bench was from SimOnes.
All other items will be found here at Persimmon Grove. Look in the Site Index if you are having trouble locating them.
In the original game and early expansion packs, pressing the 'a' on your keyboard toggles anti-aliasing on and off.

In the later expansion
packs anti-aliasing is set permanently on.

One problem with the mist is
that it looks very silly in the neighbourhood screen.
A landscaped lot using the
forest items can be found here.